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Re: sleep help!

I was in the same boat as you- my daughter would wake up all night to nurse. My other two kids, who were also breastfed, night weened themselves (ds co-slept but weaned night weened at six months and dd night weaned at 3 months and absolutey hated co-sleeping) so I was completely unprepared when baby #3 decided to be completely different from her siblings. I couldn't bear for her to cry so we co-slept and I nursed her whenever she woke up- my back and shoulders killed me every morning and I never got a good night's sleep.

She just turned one and finally a couple of weeks ago she started to sleep through the night. She didn't do it on her own- I actually let her cry, though she honestly would cry for a the most 15 minutes and then fall asleep. She'd wake up a couple of times, cry for a few minutes and then fall asleep again. I never let my other kids cry at all at night but I felt like the all night nursing was really taking a major toll on my health and sanity.

Honestly- I think if her waking up is becoming detrimental to your well being then maybe you should try to let her cry a little; she may surprise you and fall asleep after a few minutes (though I would not let her cry endlessly because I would feel bad). Like you said, maybe even a bottle with formula in it at her night feeding would be worth a try. Also, make sure she is nursing enough during the day- if she is then I see nothing wrong with her being night weaned, especially since it seems like her night nursings are just for comfort and not really a nutritional need. This is most likely why my baby did not sleep through the night and my other kids did- she hates pacifiers and the others loved them.

I am no expert on this though- I am just a fellow mom who also at one time was desperate to get a good night's sleep
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