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Re: Daycare positives

school can be fun. My DD loves her lessons (they have tons of free time but learning some structure) and can play every day with her friends. DS is just old enough to really see what he thinks and he loves playing there-- still lights up when he sees his baby teachers. the only part that makes me a tiny bit sad is that I don' t think I could do as good a job 5x a week, 50 ish weeks a year-- between lesson plans and playdates and the lunches (great social time where the kids work on conversational skills, table manners, serving each other, etc). I make sure I'm at the top of my game every night and all weekend- no slacking She, and he, can practice everything in two settings. DD is the one who decided she needed chores at home. I miss them like crazy when I'm at work but know they're having fun and working on becoming big kids so they can be well adjusted adults. Does it make our art projects, games, playground, farmers market, ice skating, you name it time better at home? I have no idea- and although most of the time I do think I'd rather stay home- I think this is working for us.
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