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Unsupported post-partum?

Without getting into it, I can't really get along with 3 out of 4 parents. I don't have any sisters. All of my cousins are still children. I moved a year ago and haven't made new friends. I'm feeling very, very alone and judged by the families. Even if they were willing to help or I could trust them, they live in a different city and don't drive (so any help means they come and live with me and drive me insane). Plus, our parents are still young enough to be working, and don't have the flexibility to simply take a few days off without notice.

Anyone else facing a newborn period without help? I know that many of you already have >1 other child to care for in addition to the new baby. How will you or did you handle it? Last time we had each of our mothers come and live in for 2 days apiece, and it was a bloody disaster. I felt there was no consideration of what we needed and were going through following a preventable traumatic birth experience.
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