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Re: 6 months = too old?

Originally Posted by monkeyscience View Post
This thread gives me some hope it isn't too late for my 3-month-old. The two times ever that I've tried putting him on the potty, he has also screamed bloody murder. I do think the most recent time was because it was cold, though.

At this point, he's in the habit of going right after I change his diaper and/or shortly after waking (he actually woke up pretty much DRY from a 7-hour sleep this morning!). Would it be too confusing if I actually just put a cloth diaper over the potty, so he would have something to go on? I think he's sort of gotten trained out of peeing on us, so I don't know if he'll go without something covering him. He doesn't even seem to go in the bathtub.
Try it! My DS finally started using the potty and responding to my signals at around 10 weeks, but before, he used to only go while lying on a prefold. Try different ways and see what he responds to best. From what I've read, EC window is from 0-18 months, so you've got lots of time . Keep at it mama!
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