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Re: Anyone had their tonsils removed?

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
Looks like those of use with embedded or pitted were the ones who needed the surgery!?? I wonder if that the majority of adults needing it? Idk. But let's say, I lost 15 pounds, couldn't OPEN my mouth for a week and in order to eat had to suck on cheese. LOL! And my breath wasps horrible no one would stay in my room with me. Hahaha!! I couldn't do 'soft' food. Even that required swallowing. And after surgery even water felt like glass going down. But it's like my water birth. It was so painful- indescribable.. But worth it. And at least you get meds for tonsils, lol
Ooooh, wait a minute - you lose weight? Hmm....maybe this won't be so bad after all.... JUST KIDDING. Trying to see the silver lining. My tonsils are severely pitted (I had to Google that term, I thought of them as cryptic, I guess they are the same thing).

Originally Posted by somo_chickenlady View Post
The tonsil stones were from before they were taken out. Nasty stuff, but nothing you have to worry about if you aren't already.

Honestly, though...if the doctor is that concerned, I would probably just get it over with. From the sound of it, more than likely he will want them out eventually anyway. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't suck, but it was a couple weeks out of my life, and the majority of people don't have any negative effects from the removal. Most people will also say that they would do it over again in a heart beat. If there is concern over the size difference, I would want it biopsied, just in case (but that is just me). I hope you are able to come to a decision!!
Yeah, I already get tonsil stones. They aren't horrible, but they are constant - a couple per week and from multiple locations. I guess I forgot about that... And he did say that he thought it looked like I had chronic tonsillitis, but I've never really had a fever or pain associated with it so it didn't register for me. I think you are right, I will probably need it done at some point, I guess I ought to just do it. But maybe I'll wait until after the holidays, I sure would hate to be unable to eat and bedridden with all of that delicious ham and pumpkin pie that will be circulating....
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