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Re: Would you put him in PreK?

Could you possibly even wait until next school year? I assume your DD will be in Kindergarten then? I'm not sure how it works where you live, but in Ohio the "cutoff" for school is September 30 so if the child is not 5 by September 30 they have to be tested if you want them to start kindergarten early. Our preschools follow the same "rule" so if your state is the same you should still be able to get him into 2 years of preschool before kindergarten if you start next year. I had considered starting my DD1 in preschool last year which would have made her 2 yo turning 3 in November, and I chose not to. This may seem like a silly reason, but I just feel that once you start school for the rest of their lives they (hopefully) will be in school or working. I don't regret not sending her, and she'll still have 2 full years of pre-school before she goes to kindergarten. I also wouldn't be crazy about putting one kid in school with the other or missing/adjusting a nap time schedule that works. Missing the nap especially may negate any benefits you might see if he were to be in class at a time that worked better for him. Maybe talk to your pediatrician? To be honest the behaviors you describe seem somewhat typical for his age, though you mentioned that the school system has some concerns.
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