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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

Originally Posted by IndoorKitty View Post
You have some unusually available doctors and plumbers. (I never been able to get a plumber to show up on the day he said he would, let alone after hours.) I think that has skewed your expectations.

It is not standard professional behavior to give out personal contact information to patients or clients. A service person (plumber, locksmith) who chooses to answer a business phone after hours is agreeing to work after hours (usually for an inflated rate.)

Setting aside the unusual behavior of your doctors, by giving you a cell number and saying "call me" they are explicitly giving you permission to contact them in this way. The OP did not give out her cell number and say that parents could call her with questions. She used her home phone to contact parents over the summer and the parent presumed that it was okay to call because the number was on the caller id. This is a presumption far beyond what most people would expect when making a work call from a non-work number.

If you don't believe that calling teachers at home is inappropriate, then you are mistaken. It is. No amount of justifying or complaining about the school system's autocall changes that.

I was saying the comparison didn't work. I have never lived in a large town so that can make a big difference as to availability. The town where I was at when I had to call the locksmith was only 5-6000 in population. I have no clue what a locksmith generally charges. I have fortunately never had to call one befor or since this one and only time. I was then charged somewhere between $50-$70. It has been almost 12 years since then.

I do not call my Dr. in an emergency even if I have a number to call. I call 911. The ER can then call if needed. I also wait to call the plumber until descent hours. As you said I would expect to pay higher prices.

I have no idea if it should be acceptable to call a teacher after hours. I cannot however think of even one reason I would need to do so. As I mentioned earlier in the e net of a death in my immediate family it would not even occur to me to call the teacher. What is the point?

I was not complaining about the automated calls. There have been several times I forgot the children had a day off but was reminded when the call came in. Truthfully I appreciate them. I think in our busy days they are a nice reminder. However I guess if pressed to say if a parent calling a teacher at home is appropriate I would have probably said yes because these calls led me to think it must be appropriate. Again though I cannot think of even one reason I would have my child's teacher on an emergency contact list.
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