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Re: How do you figure clothes, furniture, or other irregular items into your budget?

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I have a separate account for my mad $. In that account I get the diaper $ (which I don't buy diapers as I have enough), kids clothing $, my personal spending $, and grocery $. It's flexible as it is separate from our bill $ that is in our joint account. I can "save" it or spend it as I see fit. I usually buy clearance/sales at the end of the season in the size I guess my DS will be the following year (like sweatshirts, t-shirts- jeans) . I usually save up and buy a majority of his clothing (like jeans and new shoes) before school starts. I make a majority of DD's clothing. I make DS's pjs. I and DH do not have clothing allowances. We would use our personal spending $ if we wanted to buy something. (I did get extra $$ to buy maternity clothes when I was pregnant. We took it out of our tax refund.)

We have a emergency rainy day fund. This is for things like car repairs, appliances, etc.
This is pretty much what I do.
I do take out all the non negotiable things from our income (including savings) and then whatever is left over is for whatever we want that month whether it is a new piece of furniture, clothes or a day trip etc.. Big things like vacations I include in the monthly savings.
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