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I was lucky enough to have a few days of help, but I have things that I did once my help left that might make it easier!

Make sure you have easy meals in your freezer and food stockpiled so you don't have to worry about where your next meal is coming from. Try to keep fresh fruits/veggies on hand if you like them. Worst come to worst, get takeout (and don't feel bad about it!)!

It looks like you might already have 1 LO? I made a box of activities for DD before DS was born and we're still cycling through it. New play dough, coloring books, stickers, foam letters, pipe cleaners, envelopes, colored paper, training scissors, new books, etc. I also stuck a few new toys in the box to pull out for those especially trying times when DD needed something to occupy her time (for us trains do the trick).

I also kept a rotation of DVD's from the library in the house. I could renew them online for 3 weeks, so a few of them came in handy. We actually watched a lot less TV than I thought we would, but it was nice to have that as a backup.

Keep yourself hydrated and nap when both LO's nap. I know, easier said than done. You just need to make it through the first week or two and it'll get easier. We started back in DD's classes (music, storytime) about 2 weeks PP b/c she was ready and DS was easy to take along. By then I felt like an old pro again. The baby skills came back quickly, thank goodness!

Good luck, mama! Enjoy that baby!

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