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Originally Posted by Mom2Connor
I am having the hardest time deciding decoration wise. DS's room was horrific when we bought the house, ugly brown striped wallpaper, etc. We stripped it, painted it a soft light green and did baby animals (elephants, lion, giraffe, etc) as the theme. He is moving to our bigger 3rd bedroom which is a nice light beige color. If baby is a girl, we would be redoing babys room in a girly theme and I'm unsure if we should do his new room too??? Or just leave the soft beige color and accent it, which is kind of what I'm leaning toward. I want it to be cozy and kiddie but not too kiddie YK? :/
We left DS's walls tan because we were only staying for a few years (less than two actually). Then we bought wall stickers to add a decorative touch. They peel off smoothly and leave no damage (we moved them around after we pulled the crib out). So maybe you could find some of those that he would like. Then take them down and throw out or pass down as he grows. Target has really cute ones. We bought ours from babies r us (monkeys).
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