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Re: why has his pooping habits changed?

Sounds like what my DD poop is like. She was pooping all the time for the first 7 weeks. Yellow, seedy, occasionally green (if she didn't get enough hind milk). She poops a lot. It is very runny and thankgoodness for good fitting diapers or it would be all over. I think it is pretty normal. Now she is pooping only once or twice a day.

She is on bottles during the day since I am back to work and her poop was green yesterday so I am wondering if my pumped milk didn't have enough hind milk in it.

She has had some nasty smelling poop too and I wonder if it has anything to do what I ate that day. She is happy, not gassy, and gaining weight so I don't worry to much about it.

Baby poop is weird and there is wide variety of "normal" baby poop especially breastfed.
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