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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Sorry you're so nervous mama! I know from experience how much a stillbirth can mess with you're head for future babies. Even after a normal pregnancy and birth I'm still nervous this time around. I hope everything goes well at your ultrasound. Keeping you in my thoughts for a healthy baby!!
Thank you
Our miscarriages made things worrisome enough, but then losing Elli has just added a whole other (and bigger) fear/worry on top of that. This is definitely going to be our last pregnancy, we just can't go through this again. I don't know for sure it will be the last baby, but last pregnancy.

I won't have my u/s for another couple weeks, at least. I'm they'll get me by 24 weeks, but I expect they'll figure out a way to get me in for 20-21 weeks. I'm only anxious right now when I really think about it, and remember what we've seen on that screen before. So for now I just try not to focus on it!

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
I am terrible about haircutting too. I am a twice a yr cutter CB! Sometimes more like a 9 monther. The problem is I prefer it long, but it starts taking too long to dry and gets on my nerves, so I get iy cut too short (for my taste) as a change of pace, then let it grow out too much to over compensate. It's a vicious cycle.
My hair is very thick and heavy - when it gets to a certain length it gets too heavy for my head/neck and I end up having constant migraines from it Otherwise, I love having long hair!

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
I am having the hardest time deciding decoration wise.
We're terrible for decorating. The kids all just have whatever room they had when we moved in here (6 years ago!).
Our babies sleep in our room for a good while (Levi is still in there now, although that's because we have no more bdrs at the moment), so we don't ever decorate for baby - poor things, lol.

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Then we bought wall stickers to add a decorative touch. They peel off smoothly and leave no damage (we moved them around after we pulled the crib out). So maybe you could find some of those that he would like.
Ooo, good suggestion! We had a border in DD's room in our apartment that was sticker, like that. It was perfect - got to decorate and change the room without ever painting or doing anything permanent (which we wouldn't have been allowed).

AFM: Another Dr appt this morning, then bloodwork, and I'm planning to get the kids from their swim lessons (our school buses them to town every Friday afternoon for swimming as part of our phys ed component). DH is going to come into town after work and we'll go to his parents house for supper and a visit It'll be a long, busy day, but that's okay!
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