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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
Thanks for the hugs! I think DH and I both need the u/s - it's a lot of anxiety thinking about it, but once it's done we'll feel kinda like we "know" what's going to happen. I mean, if Hiccup isn't healthy we'll know we're facing more heartache. If Hiccup is healthy and well, we may actually be able to start looking ahead and thinking about having a baby - as opposed to just being pregnant.

AFM: (pretty much c&p from the preg after loss thread, in case anyone sees both!)
I made it to my Dr this morning. I hadn't called, so it was just a "walk-in" appt slot. I started filling out the prenatal history form, we got a req sent (to the hospital we want) for the u/s, checked my bp (high for me, understandably), and heard Hiccup's hb on doppler. That was... difficult, lol.
I don't think it's for a bad reason, but of course my mind went instantly back to my 17wk prenatal with Elli, when we had trouble getting the hb, and that sucked.
But I'm sure the whole time I could feel squirming from Hiccup, and I could hear thumps and swooshes on the doppler, which should mean movements.
He did catch the hb for a couple seconds down low on my right, but then it just disappeared. I could feel Hiccup move up and over left - we ended up with my hands above baby holding him still, then the doppler against him on the other side - got a good bit of hb... then he squirmed and was gone again. Apparently he does not like the doppler.

I am going back tomorrow for a bit more of a "first prenatal" - we'll get all the paperwork on the go, get urine and weight and fundal height, :crossfinger: hear that hb again - maybe not easier... but quicker?!, and get lab reqs for my bloodwork. I won't be doing a physical or any vag exams with this pregnancy - if nothing else, I just did them a year ago (pretty much exactly a year, too).

DH came with me this morning - it wasn't actually as bad as I thought... but this was largely due to them having moved offices! Just from one side of a building (kinda duplex) to the other - climbing the stairs and going in the first door was hard... but then I went the "other way". Which, silly as it may sound, may it suddenly easier, different... like there could be a different outcome this time.
He won't be able to come with me tomorrow. But I think I'll be okay.
Whether he knows it or not, he is coming to the u/s with me. There's no way I'll get there on my own, never mind getting through it on my own! Now that the req is sent off, I just wait for the hospital to call me to make an appt for it.

Apparently, he said there can be up to a 2 month waiting list for u/s But I know I've gotten in right away (with DS2, at 6 weeks, I was in for u/s within 2-3 days of the req), and where we're req'ing it at a smaller town hospital, hopefully they'll not be as booked/busy?
Anyways, whatever. It will work out, however it is meant to.
I think I finally figured out the multi quote! Glad you were able to go, I cant imagine how hard it was, glad DH could go with you and hope they can get you in for an u/s soon! I'll be thinking of you today!

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
So I am getting my hair done tomorrow. WOO-HOOO! I use to be a every 4-6 week girl. Now I am whenever I can squize it in not in the 1st trimester girl. Just getting it cut and colored. Just to get rid of my pre-mature greys that I started getting at 20. Yes you read correctly 20--I was a stressed out college athlete. I am much more relaxed now Well now I know how to curb the stress a little better.

Dh said he wants to take me shopping this weekend for my birthday that is Dec 12th SO I of course agreed. I want new sneakers and a couple of shirts. Nothing big. I need new sneakers bc apparently my feet go into super duper sweat phase when I am pregnant and well to be honest my feet stink! It is crazy that they sweat like that and I only notice it when preggers.
Hooray for shopping and getting hair done!!! I'm getting mine done Saturday I think. My BFF is a hair dresser so just going to her house. I've had my hair blonde with highlights for a long time, but since moving to the farm the minerals make it copper-y so I'm going to go darker, sort of an Adele type color with lowlights. And she'll probably trim it, I'm growing it out.

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
Ooo, good suggestion! We had a border in DD's room in our apartment that was sticker, like that. It was perfect - got to decorate and change the room without ever painting or doing anything permanent (which we wouldn't have been allowed).

AFM: Another Dr appt this morning, then bloodwork, and I'm planning to get the kids from their swim lessons (our school buses them to town every Friday afternoon for swimming as part of our phys ed component). DH is going to come into town after work and we'll go to his parents house for supper and a visit It'll be a long, busy day, but that's okay!
I'm in a co-op on FB right now that is doing vinyl wall decals, really cool huge ones and they're only $2.47/each! I'm ordering a ton since I'm no good at decorating and won't feel guilty for changing them frequently

AFM- I'm still feeling a bit better, bad day yesterday but over all more good then bad days. Tonight we are going into the city to play turkey bingo at my parents church, then we're staying the night and Saturday my parents are taking DS to a huge water park for the day/night. DF and I are going to do some shopping(still need his wedding band), have lunch at a hibachi grill with my friends, and get my hair done. After today I only work Monday and then I'm off until after Thanksgiving!
Only thing I'm struggling with right now is DS and school. He has a degenerative hearing condition(he's losing hearing) and the school cannot give him services for deaf/hoh because its not bad enough yet. He uses hearing aid, and could wake up deaf tomorrow, but they can only give him services based on today. It's very frustrating. We have a meeting Wednesday and I'm trying to get copies of pieces of his medical file and they say it's a 7-14 day wait so it's very frustrating.
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