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Re: Real homes with kids in them

I had these in Photobucket. These are what these rooms look like everyday, all day. My peeps don't choose to play in their rooms hardly at all, so we really are only in there for "roomtime". This is where they are assigned to play in there rooms for 30-60 minutes while mommy is getting things done like managing my business or returning phone calls. They do play in their rooms while we are getting ready and waking up for the day too.

This is my older sons' room. The top striped bins are their "treasure boxes". You know all the random junk they accumulate like pretty rocks, happy meal toys, an old set of keys, a favorite receipt, an eraser they got somewhere, spent shells from the sheet competition? This stuff makes me nuts because its trash but its valuable to them. It is limited to those boxes. Every two weeks when I clean their room thoroughly, they go through and purge their treasure boxes. They do have some treasures like a favorite play phone or watch in there too. Years ago, I would find these things stashed in odd places in an attempt to hide them from a brother. I just assigned it a spot. They realize if it isn't being kept in the box and isn't being played, its free game. . All stuffed animals have an assigned cubby. Each boy has a "bedside cubby" for his night water and select reading material for "quiet chatter". They are free to turn on the light at 7:00 but they stay in their beds and quietly talk and read.

On the other side of the room are floor pillows, breakable collectibles or items up top, and 2 storage bins. One has a fabric town mat with all variety of matchbox cars for using around town, the other has a fabric construction mat with all variety of construction site vehicles and props. Easy to get out, easy to put away.

We don't leave our room until it is restored to this, but that's easy to do. Not a ton in there and easy and obvious to return things to their place.

They have rolling ottomans with all their hats in their room too. There is also a stack of Crocodile Creek lunchboxes in the foyer outside their rooms. Each has a "kit" in it that has tons of little pieces that need to stay together. When we go to roomtime, they often stop and choose a pack to take with them in their room. One is all the automoblox wooden car sets, one is Mr. Potato Head and his accessories, etc...

In the youngest's room, he has a custom storage bed I designed for him.

So far there are only 2 bins, one is for treasures and one is slippers
He also has

A bin of stuffed animals, one of his beloved weebles. Very obvious where stuff goes. Foam blocks are in a denim box, all his viking planes and cars are in a drawer. Some matchbox are in another drawer.

I think it works because we seriously edit what makes it into their rooms, its all sorted by like items and has a clearly designated and easy to use compartment just for that. There isn't big bins of random stuff which make it difficult to easily get what you want. That produces the "dump it all out" problem which makes clean up a total pain. Kids also don't play much of what they cannot find so you get discontent mess makers .

I don't have pics of our living area but I will grab some today.
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