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I'm so pissed

Dh this morning asks some question like do you ever feel life gets away from you?
Well no I feel like life is busy my day looks like this
520 up
530 out the door to run
630 home and waking up dh for work
645 make breakfast
715 dishes (no dish washer)
730 dh to work
745 make lunches/beds
8-830 kids dressed picked up
840 out the door
9- park to play
10 library
1130 lunch
1230 nap
1 my lunch
130 work out
230 dishes/sweep/vacuum
3 lo up
320 pick up big kids
330-430 park
430- home and homework make dinner
530 dinner
630 dh home
730 kids in bed

Some variation of this...everyday. He pretty much told me I do too much with kids and not enough cleaning. That I should t throw birthday parties for other kids (lol last night we threw a party for a little boy in my first graders class whose parents split and his mamas struggling and dad isn't involved)
To top it off dh decided we are ntnp woo hoo
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