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Re: headaches during pregnancy

Originally Posted by jessicap View Post
I know that my last pregnancy was a killer for headaches...I would go 2 weeks with a wicked migraine.

I found that drinking a bottle of gatorade, powerade, or something with electrolytes like that, I now use Sustain by Melaleuca because there is only 4 grams of sugar to a 16 oz serving, at the beginning of the headache that would curb it. During the headache it would help relieve it. Also the Wellpatch for Migraines worked AWESOME!!!!! I went to the pharmacy area at Walmart and found them there. I stuck one on drank a bottle of gatorade and closed my eyes, it was the first time in 2 weeks that I slept for more than 2 hours before waking up. It was fabulous!

Wellpatches are my cure, too, but they don't have them at walmart here If they don't have them at your walmart, check Eckerd/Riteaid and CVS or other pharmacies. I would drink Gatorade and put a wellpatch on and it helped a lot especially if I was at work and couldn't sleep it off.
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