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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
I think I finally figured out the multi quote! Glad you were able to go, I cant imagine how hard it was, glad DH could go with you and hope they can get you in for an u/s soon! I'll be thinking of you today!

AFM- I'm still feeling a bit better, bad day yesterday but over all more good then bad days. Tonight we are going into the city to play turkey bingo at my parents church, then we're staying the night and Saturday my parents are taking DS to a huge water park for the day/night. DF and I are going to do some shopping(still need his wedding band), have lunch at a hibachi grill with my friends, and get my hair done. After today I only work Monday and then I'm off until after Thanksgiving!
Only thing I'm struggling with right now is DS and school. He has a degenerative hearing condition(he's losing hearing) and the school cannot give him services for deaf/hoh because its not bad enough yet. He uses hearing aid, and could wake up deaf tomorrow, but they can only give him services based on today. It's very frustrating. We have a meeting Wednesday and I'm trying to get copies of pieces of his medical file and they say it's a 7-14 day wait so it's very frustrating.
Thank you!

for good days and have a great time with DF! DH and I still haven't gotten away for our anniversary yet, but maybe this weekend or next - last minute planning anyone?!

Hmm... have you gone in to the office or just called them? I would go right in, let them know you have this meeting coming up and need his medical records with you, so you can get the best resources set up for his education. Just tell them you don't mind sitting and waiting while they copy the pertinent papers and have a seat in the waiting room - likely they'll put a "rush" on it just to get rid of you! (squeaky wheel and grease and all that)
Good luck!
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