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Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE
I'm the odd woman out. My house is houzz worthy, catalog-ish and I have 3 little people, 2 dogs and a cat here all the time (DS1 is no longer homeschooled now in 2nd grade so he's a part time resident, along with DH who WOTH 7-5 M-F). Everything has a place, most of which are behind doors, we don't do much plastic, are semi-minimalist, the children are well trained to clean up toys between activities, and I have made it very easy to clean up so we do its continuously throughout the day. I have no judgment about what other people's homes look like, so please know, I don't share this like clean houses mean better wives and mothers or whatever. I only mean to say that you can have little children and live in the pottery barn catalog .
I would say I am with you. We have taught the kids to keep things clean and take care of what they have. I guess it is because DH and I are rather neat people and we lived in a tiny house for a long time. Now we do have a larger house but because we didn't for so long I guess I just want it to be perfect. I dreamed of this house for a long time.

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