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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

Don't worry, it's not quite like "from scratch" - it's not like the first time all over again! There will be all those wonderful things that you have forgotten itties do - like their sweet milky breath... and how they pass out after nursing... and their adorable little scrunchy stretches

Diapering itties is so much fun!

Thank you! I'm feeling better after that first appt - and so silly, that them moving to the other side of the building made that much of a difference, but I'll take it!
I'm still anxious about the u/s, but I think DH and I both will be until we get through it, kwim? That's just such a HUGE thing for us this time.


I had 32 or 33 diapers for Levi (that fit right away, I mean, a combo of NB and smaller smalls) and that was plenty for washing every 3 days - we never ran out or even really low.
I bought 4 more when pregnant with Elli, and I will get another few nb piddle poddles (only have 2 and would like to at least round out the half dozen)... hmm... thinking about that, I wouldn't mind rounding out the 2 xs FBs to a half dozen too. stupid OCD.
But, honestly, I don't need these diapers, I just want them, kwim?
From my experiences, 3-4 dozen is plenty.

AFM: 5:30am - party in Hiccup's womb Seriously. I woke up wondering what woke me, then felt kicks and thumping around in there
I remember scrunchy stretches. SOOO squishy!

Glad the first appointment helped and I hope that after the ultrasound you'll be much more at ease. Have a date for that yet?

Also--I am itching for regular movement. I still get it 1-2 times a day, but its just one thump and then gone so unless its obviously baby, I often miss it and think "was that gas?" Or don't think about it til a few mins later. Get an obviously baby movement once every couple days...but I miss the wake-up wiggles

And finally--glad I'm not the only one with diaper OCD. I have to have the exact number of diapers and liners and colors that I'm supposed to have

And to the CD Newb---I used 36 with my son and only ran out if I passed out nursing and forgot to actually wash them at the end of day 2. Haha. Now I have 36 prefolds, 6 covers, and 20-25 AIOs. So I'm all stocked up on newb dipes. Could probably get a few more dipes for later, but I think a friend (whom I introduced to cloth and who is now done with kiddos) is sending me her small/mediums, so I won't buy any til she sends hers.

Although, if I have a girl, all bets are off---I may absolutely NEED to buy some cutesy girl ones

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