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Originally Posted by *Peanut* View Post

The other thing that worried me about risperdal is the weight gain that happens with most people who get put on it and the subsequent chnage blood sugar levels.
Keep in mind that the people with the biggest problems with metabolic syndrome from antipsychotics usually already have risk factors. If he continues to be active and not eat heavily it's unlikely he would put on weight. I'mnot a huge fan of meds in general because I'm afraid of side effects but if my son does need medication I wouldn't be afraid of a small dose of. Risperdal.

His limited diet(which I totally understand btw) is hard. There is a process to help get kids to eat better that slp's use. The name of it escapes me. My son wasn't super picky but he had some key nutrients he was missing. The gist of it is to make tiny food changes and keep the food as close to his faves as possible. More moms on here know a ton about it.

Clonidine is a good suggestion and is usually a first line med for many disruptive/anxiety type issues. I'm guessing there was a reason your doc didn't think it was appropriate.i
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