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We are moving all fitteds as one lot to good home for FFS to US. Catfriendly non-smoking house. No splitting.

These are well loved and will have pilling and light stains.

These are 4 older BSRBs that are incredibly absorbent but have shrunk down to their minimum so would probably fit earlier but not as long as a new BSRBs. 2 TIANs I bought FSOT and never used b/c we didn't dipe overnight. These BSRBs are all the modern trim fit, one was the old style that I sent back to her and had her alter. I BSRB that I added snaps to as an experiment, it worked great but would not fit at as wide a range since the snaps don't overlap- that one's just thrown in for free.

3 side snap custom dyed OBV velor with zorb sewn in the inner that take forever to dry but look really cool and hold alot, 2 front snap OS OBV Punkin Doodles which are the most absorbent fitted diaper I have ever used and with lots of snap-in absorbency: two robot prints. These didn't get much use as I bought them at the end of our diapering journey. One giraffe print OS that works like a BSRB with a wool doubler but I forget the brand.


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