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Re: I'm so pissed

If she is anything like my mother working out twice daily is non negotiable.

Your day is busy. I couldn't do it. I try not to have it be soo busy or I get stressed out. My day is wake the older kids at 6 for school. Go back to bed with baby. Sleep until 10. Get up. Breakfast, dishes, clean house, run errands(today is payday I pay others) get dinner. Everything must be from scratch as we deal with allergies. Kids arrive home at 3:30 so a snack is needed. Dinner at 7 bedtime bath for my older son. 8 pm bedtime for him. 9pm bedtime for my 13 year old. My toddler does not go to sleep until around 3 am so I stay up to do dinner dishes, laundry, and yet more cleaning. Since baby is up anyway this is when he gets a bath usually. 3 am he and I go to bed.

Different days I take the kids to the park or library. Sometimes though not often we go to the indoor pool in the neighboring town. Sunday morning and Tuesday night we have bible meetings. Staurday mornings we get up to preach In the morning. Baby still spends several hours daily nursing. Of course I have grocery shopping to do but I try for only every other week. Homework of course must be supervised. I try to spend some time with each kiddo. Maybe I am just busy in different ways.
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