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Re: Anyone celebrate Chanukah?

It starts the 8th a sundown. I got some ideas from Pinterest too. I decided we don't have money to spend this year so I'm going to try to make some stuff. I do like decorating with Blue and silver and maybe some gold (too bad my livingroom is green, clashes big time lol) I'm going to make some paper chains, and get some cheap blue and silver dreidels. I saw a neat thing with mittens instead of stockings, and you do one for each night, so I'll see if I can find some cheap blue and white mittens. I might do some snowflakes too cos those are easy to find. Hopefully over the years we can get a few nice decorations to add. I"m thinking of doing a Jerusalem scene. You can get those nativity sets that have the whole city of Bethleham so I'll just get the other buildings, not the Stable with Jesus part. Every year we could buy a new building. I'm also thinking of starting a coin collection which we'd add to every Chanukah.
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