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Re: Is it wrong to "steal" your kids halloween candy?

Originally Posted by s@hmommy View Post
I said other because it is common knowledge in our family it is not "your" candy to start with, it belongs to everyone.

Originally Posted by lizgrace07 View Post
Around here all edibles are for sharing, so they think nothing of it if we eat some of the candy.

Originally Posted by Rhianna'sMommy View Post
No, all candy is put in a family bowl the 2nd it comes through the door after trick or treating. There is no 'my' candy in this house - it's everyones.
We are planning on doing it the same way as my parents did - we each got to go through our bags and take out anything special (full-sized bars, nifty things we hadn't seen before) and put them in a paper bag with our names on it. The rest went in one big bowl on top of the cupboard, to be shared. Otherwise, my little brother (6 years younger) never would have had any candy, as he could never go as far as us. From that big bowl, everyone shared - not just the kids.
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