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ON HOLD *NEW* with tags Gymboree (and a couple GAP) Fall/Winter/Holiday - Pic Heavy

** Everything is ON HOLD until March 1st. I am traveling out of country and will not be back to mail items until then. If you are interested in something (and do not need it mailed until March) I will be happy to list it as pending for you (no payment until i return). Thank you!

Everything is NEW with tags (exceptions are noted) and prices are PayPal Delivered (US only) - - what you see is what you pay to get it to your mailbox. I only accept PayPal at this time.

All Gymboree items are from the retail store (not outlet).

Please PM with interest. I will honor requests in the order PMs are received. If for any reason you are unable to PM yet, post a comment and I will do my best to respond quickly.

0-12 months is HERE
12-24 months is HERE

Thanks for looking and happy shopping!

Size 2T

1. NWT Gymboree long sleeve pink shirt (2T) $7ppd

4. NWT Gymboree adjustable waist crop jeans (2T) $6ppd . Leggings (2T) $5ppd

5. NWT Carters Holiday PJ's (2T) $6ppd PENDING

Size 3/3T

6. NWT Gymboree red/white striped long sleeve shirt with dog (3T) and NWT BabyGap long sleeve i love sledding shirt (3) $7ppd EACH PENDING

7. NWT Gymboree short sleeve pink smart kitty shirt and green long sleeve precious shirt (3T) $7ppd EACH GREEN SOLD

8. NWT Gymboree leggings: light pink with dogs, pink with polka dots (3T) $5ppd EACH POLKA DOTS SOLD

9. NEW without tags Gymboree candy leggings (size 3) and NWT Gymboree gingerbread leggings (size 3) $4ppd EACH PENDING

Size 4/4T

11. NWT Gymboree Glamorous set (size 4) $12ppd PENDING

14. NWT Gymboree long sleeve M-F shirt [/I] $6ppd (SOLD) and NWT Gymboree smart and cute long sleeve shirt (size 4) $7ppd

15. NWT Gymboree long sleeve aqua shirt with dog (SOLD) and short sleeve blue polo (size 4) $6ppd EACH

16. NWT Gymboree fine corduroy dress (size 4T) $10ppd

20. NWT Gymboree pink plaid flannel shirt (size 4) $7ppd

21. NWT Gymboree leggings: top three are size 4, bottom three are size 4T $5ppd EACH Top three SOLD


2. NWT Gymboree long sleeve winter/holiday shirts (2T) $7ppd EACH ALL SOLD

3. NWT Gymboree black long sleeve cutie shirt (2T) $7ppd SOLD

10. NEW without tags BabyGap (outlet) cupcake PJ's (size 3) $6ppd SOLD

12. NWT Gymboree sweet heart set (size 4) $12ppd SOLD

13. NWT Gymboree long sleeve snowflake shirt (size 4) $7ppd SOLD

17. NWT Gymboree black and white holiday/winter reindeer set (reindeer is sequined) (size 4) $14 ppd SOLD

18. NWT Gymboree grey long sleeve shirt with sequin purse applique (size 4) $7ppd SOLD and NWT Children's Place long sleeve black shirt with sequins (size 4) $6ppd SOLD

19. NWT Gymboree adjustable waist skirt (attached shorts underneath) (size 4) $7ppd SOLD

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