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please delete

most are in play condition, with plenty of life left.



$2 EUC b. t. kids - fancy off-white dress, double layered, with a bow around the waist. Very cute.

$2 Children's Place fancy, full-length, dress-jacket. Has pockets, buttons on chest. Has belt loops but can't find the belt. In EUC. Would not be very warm, but is cute and very dressy. It's an Ecru type color, not true white.

0.50 Garanimals striped tank - heavy wash wear

$1 Fisher Price pink pants w/"Love" on the bum - VGUC - some wash wear, no other flaws. Tag says 6/9 mos - this is incorrect - these fit from 12-18 mos for us.

0.50 Wonder Kids pink capris w/butterflies and "sweet" on the bum - wash wear and some marks/stains

0.50 Disney Princess tunic w/pockets, says "Princess" and has pic of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Princess Tiana - heavy wash wear, probably some faint stains

$1 NO TAG orange lightweight shorts - slight wash wear - these fit for us from 12-18 mos (and would fit longer, but we never use them)


$1 Bonnie Baby layered dress w/embroidery

0.50 each George flowery top, no stains or obvious issues * Disney purple "So Sweet" Pooh Bear shorts, no stains or issues I see.

$0.50 Levi Strauss shirt, very cute! Has wash wear, some very small stains (I've found 2 so far, about the size of a pencil lead, on one arm, no others that I see, but I might be missing them)

$1 Little Bitty dress/tunic, White w/embroidery and purple flowers and ribbon EUC

$1 Bonnie Baby 24 mo dress, white with embroidery print, with pink lace trim and bows. Has an under-layer. Has a quarter-size light brown stain on the chest. Might come out with some TLC.

BELOW THIS LINE IS SOLD *************************************

$1 Disney princess pajamas sz 2 - fading from wash wear
$1.50 Disney princesses outfit "Follow Your Heart" - no flaws besides typical fading from wash wear that I see
0.50 Nick Jr. long sleeved purple onesie - wash wear, and some spots, one noticeable green spot (see pics)
$1 Faded Glory pajamas - wash wear, maybe some very faint stains that I cannot see.
$1 Circo striped dress - wash wear, super faint spots
$2 Little Lindsay dressy tunic/top - EUC no snags/stains
$1 Young Hearts tunic w/embroidery on bottom - some wash wear, no other flaws that I see
$2 Cherokee full white skirt with blue flowers
$1 Circo striped shorts - wash wear
$1 OP plaid button up shirt/tunic - minor wash wear
0.50 Kid Connection light pink sleep gown - lightweight, wash wear
sold Miniwear sundress w/diaper cover white w/blue flowers, ribbon and lace detail - one pic w/flash, the other w/o.
sold Gymboree 18-24 mo dress, has faint staining on the chest and a small run in the fabric (see pics)

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