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Exclamation Fitted Diaper Help Please

OK so heres the deal My God-Son is a whole 17pounds at 10 Months Old hes just a little one and thats Fine he is plenty healthy and No concerns HOWEVER between Mom and I we can NOT find a Good Diaper to Fit him that doesnt Gap at the legs and at the waist and Leak EVERY Single time... we have good Luck with Prowraps covers No problem but I have others I want to use that Dont fit him right due to the way he is Shaped LONG torso Skinny Thighs NO bum no tummy...

What kind of Fitted do you Recommend? I am Ok with Bulk honestly I Love a BIG ol Fluffy bum so big they waddle When they walk HAHAHA I love to put him in a Fitted with Baby Legs and a matching Tee so Covers dont really matter too much except for Night and Naps.

I got all the covers pockets and and all in ones Im going to need (Not a fan of aios or Pockets just have them for extras) I just Need more fitteds so Im doing a bit of Research NOW so I can buy next month
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