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Re: VETERANS DAY! KAL 11/11-11/17 Knit to a goal!

Morning all! Here is the mutha of all MQ's as I catch up

Originally Posted by danigrace05 View Post
What's a better base for 0-3m stage.
Remember I live in hot humid Alabama:

Gaia worsted-I've heard it pills badly
Gaia Aran-seems like it would be too hot
LT- can I use lt as a diapering base since it has the sw single in it?
Gaia aran isn't too bulky and is soft, I've knit newbie soakers in mmw as it doens't really touch the skin, only the butt. LT is thin and I prefer it for clothing more than a diapering base and with gaia worsted, I did those owl linen stitch longies in that base. For light, I'd do gaia worsted but gaia aran really isn't that bad, just might be pilly but a newbie don't wiggle much.

Originally Posted by knibert View Post
Morning, Turkey got in before 7. Getting ready for dentist and then back to hopefully finish up turkey stuff and get it to school on time.

Cute stuff Mel, looks like Erica is doing it for ya?

Karen, the needles are 6.99, can use a 40 off coupon and then have to ship so it is probably a bit cheaper. What if you odn't get gauge w/them and need different ones though? My JA's has the smaller sizes but no 15, cuz that is what i needed . And the 17's are long, 29" I believe. They do have some bamboo clover'in 16". I'd be happy to get whatever you need and send them.
I can't think turkey before 10:00 AM, lol.

Okie dokes, I know Fi is on the hunt for me too.

Originally Posted by Dayzee1081 View Post
Thanks Karyn!

I just accidentally deleted ALL of our recordings off our DVR...DH and kids are gonna be irritated.....
Ooh, that sucks, but I've done it...or when our cable boxed died because a certain 2 year old peed on it They will get over it. I know our cable company has a bunch of "free" on-demand channels so they still might be able to watch their shows or at the very least youtube it.

Originally Posted by Dayzee1081 View Post
DD brought this home yesterday

Attachment 124861

Edited: can you even read it? I'll translate if
How sweet is she?

Originally Posted by MrsStripe View Post
Aww, that is sweet of her.

Cute hat Erica, but I agree, much to short to be a useful hat.

Lots of meetings today at work so getting knitting planned and done.

And, bad mother, I forgot to take #1 to get fitted for his mouthguard yesterday I had the appointment on the calendar, but completely forgot about it. And of course they are closed today so I can't reschedule it.
Bummer, are they open Monday? Is your son doing sports?

Originally Posted by knibert View Post
Karen, I am such a space cadet, I have the needles. I will pm ya more infor. got to go to the dentist
oooh okay, lemme know. Did you find the snappis too? I'm all giddy over needles and diaper closures,

Originally Posted by danigrace05 View Post
I went with gaia worsted 4oz cw and 2oz each of green blue and yellow trim and then 1 braid of fiber with green trim.
I think I know where you ordered yarny goodness!

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
cute Katie I love it when kids are thankful for those types of things

Karen, you can do the projects for Mel. We never settled on if I was doing it or not.

Dani...can't wait to see pictures.

Kaysie is offering 20% off her semi solids this weekend only. She will refund after payment. If anyone is interested in semi solids at a good price, aboud $12.50 a skein.
You can totally do the yfw, Erica I saw first to reply gets it and that'd be you my friend

I had Kaysie dye me up some semis on knitpicks swish and it was really pretty. I send her pics of the colors I liked and she did a good job!

Originally Posted by danigrace05 View Post
It'll be a while on pictures, lol
I'd like to see what she's done before and know what bases are available. I didn't see any of that info in the coop chat thread.
Eta: I see the thread in open coops but it will not let me reply to it. Is there a gallery somewhere?
I have a few FOs in my Rav that she dyed:
Coral Semi:

brown driftwood semi:

turquoise (don't mind my pic...its a bit overexposed and the color isn't as "bright"):

and a lavender/purple/blue:

Originally Posted by Dayzee1081 View Post
Just got.done with my yearly pap and fun stuff & now at the surgeon's -good times!
Fun stuff. You get poked from the bottom and top today. I totally felt that way when I accidentally booked my yearly pap and dentist appt. on the same day. I def. treated myself to Starbucks and a dessert after that.

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post
Down side to co sleeping. When the baby gets sic, the bed he pukes on is yours, the pillow he pukes on is yours and the person he pukes on is you.

Originally Posted by knibert View Post
Bad, but could be worse..but milky chunky is not that great. Phelgmatic and foamy OK.

enough on the puke talk, huh?

And good morning@!
And that just concluded my breakfast while I read through

Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar View Post
Question for those who will know better than I do - what baby/toddler all cotton pants will hold up well to toddler abuse but not shrink or super fade in the wash? I need to hit the mall later and get stuff today so I can't shop online which is what I usually do. I am lazy so usually just buy stuff from baby Gap but I have exhausted my possibilities there. Is Gymboree good? We have one of those, a Children's Place though I have never had anything there but play clothes, and department stores. I like to buy stuff that I know will last through more than just the one kid. He can fit into 18-24 or 2T so I know I have a lot of options, I just don't know what they are.
Hmmm.. I really like Gap for quality so my next choice would be gymbo (but I find some of their themes annoying I like clothing more plain) then Carters. My boys have some Carter's mesh gym style shorts that have lasted 2-3 kids (we passed them on) and look new. I believe they have nice pants too...but we rarely buy pants.
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