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Re: VETERANS DAY! KAL 11/11-11/17 Knit to a goal!

I tend to like Baby Gap because they fit the cloth diaper but also because they are plain. I went into a Gymboree and my eyes hurt.

Thanks for the recs, I will try Old Navy, there is one like 15 mins away. I need comfy clothes, sweatpants and sweatshirts mostly. I tried stuff from Target but it either shrunk right away or bled into other clothes (after several alone washes) so they are on my no-no list.

I love clearance racks. I like a good deal

Yay on the adoption visit but booo on the taxes
Wife of E, Mom of B (10/11)

"More Baby" coming May 2014

ISO - Curious George Twin Pottery Barn bedding... will pay with PP.
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