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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Oh I know diapering itties is fun-done it before x2 It's just that the stuff that's available has changed and I want to try so many options. Still want at least 1 or 2 cute Alvadiapers. Can't beat their price.

Elena-it totally makes sense that them moving to another part of the building makes you feel better. Anything to avoid remembering and to not trigger bad memories is a good thing!

3 dozen prefolds should be fine for a newbie. Like I said-you just might have to do laundry quickly or in the morning of day 3 if you find yourself running low. Some babies don't poop/pee as much but mine always have. (LOL still do actually but thankfully no more diapers :P )

AFM-bad tummy pains from the Zofran constipation so BLAH. Gonna have to take something stronger to counteract this side effect because cutting down on Zofran is NOT an option unless I want to land myself in the hospital. On a more positive note I've been feeling more and more movement-some quite obvious. And s/he always gives the doppler a good kick!
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