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Re: How do I make Quiche?

It's super easy and very versatile! I make it a lot. I usually do crustless spinach quiche. Lately I've actually been doing spinach pie instead.

Chop up some onion (maybe 1/4?) and garlic if you want. Sautee in olive oil (or butter, or coconut oil...) Add frozen spinach (about 10 oz) and sautee a bit more. Whisk 6-7 eggs and mix together. You can add whatever you want... my husband loves it with chopped up sausage links (he'd love it w/ bacon too I am sure!) I've also added chopped mushrooms (didn't bother sauteeing first.) Add about 1/2 cup of cheese if you wish (my husband prefers it with cheese.) Salt & pepper if you wish (I don't usually bother.)

Bake in a pie dish for approx 30 min. (til it's not "runny") and let cool a little.

That's how I do it. For spinach pie, I just use less eggs and have been adding a little bit of dill and parsley - 2 eggs instead of 6. Or you could do 4 eggs and twice as much spinach, etc.

You could also do a crust if you want. My family likes it w/ or without crust but I think it's a bit healthier w/o.

Hope this helps.
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