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Originally Posted by BabySnickerdoodles

I see your point....I didn't actually name the thread, it had been going for years before I took it over, so I don't think I'd change the whole title, but perhaps add "brands" to the end...but we do also list anything that could do with diapers...not just brands. Such as, what rash creams are CD safe, a link to all the forum and brand abbreviations, as well as basic abbreviations.

Perhaps this is more of a WIKI than a complete idiots guide, lol!

For now, there is just no way I can do anything more on this. I am a busy mama of 4 kids, homeschooling, and I own my own business, and my husband is a rancher/farmer and self is just to crazy to do all that this list would need or COULD be.

Maybe one day when I am super bored, I could go so far as to link up every biz name that is still in business, so they are a click away...but even that is overly optimistic thinking

Hopefully this at leasts lets mamas know what is out there
I think you are doing a great job and the title of the thread is just fine! This is a massive undertaking and there is no way I could manage it with only one kid to take care of!
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