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Re: I realize not all of us cloth diaper purely for economical reasons, but I found t

Originally Posted by marisolstice View Post
Interesting site. I like this one better:

because you can customize all the variables. Also, I only wash when I have a very full load (usually at least 3 dozen diapers); can't imagine washing every day!
I finally had a minute to thoroughly plug in my numbers using this site you gave. I'm a bit shocked, actually. It calculated my cost to be $30/mo. Then I decided to add in the cost of wastewater (our city price is $8/1000gal...I added up our diaper usage, and we use about 1,000). So grand total, I have been spending $38/mo to cloth diaper my child. I do agree that the $25/mo number to sposie diaper a child was skimping. But I'm pretty sure that I could sposie diaper a toddler for $38/mo (generic brand only).

Originally Posted by Oakleaf View Post
Don't forget to add a toilet flush or two to the cost of disposables, since you are supposed to flush poop. Also, having to pay for a larger garbage can to hold all of the diapers that are thrown away.

I have a FL washer with an onboard heater. Diaper laundry costs me very little.
Yes, something to consider. I know for our family, we have no need to buy a bigger garbage can. Actually, that cost is included in our townhome anyway. But true, some would have to add that on.

Originally Posted by Teexie View Post
I checked our bill and ours costs a little bit less.
I do diaper laundry about twice a week. This site says it only costs us 11.84/mo to CD. Actually less than that, since about half the time I line dry, and didn't take that into consideration when I did the calculations. Way less than buying bigger sized sposies for my chunky toddler!

This is pretty eye opening, though. I think when the next kid comes along, I'll stick with sposies until he/she grows into the dipes I have rather than buying newborn stuff.
I agree. I definitely did not seek out these sites to try to justify using sposies or anything. I'm a nerd who like to research and I was curious just how much I spend on laundry. A definite eye opener for sure. I sort of have a whole new look on cloth diapers though. Here I thought I was saving all this money by using them. At least I'm saving the landfill though .
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