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Re: WOHMs in medical field

Job title? Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Degrees earned? BS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences/Medical Technology plus 6-12 month internship. The coursework is pretty scientifically intensive.
Typical weekly schedule? I work part time - 5 days every 2 week pay period, 8 hour shifts, work every third weekend and 2 holidays a year
Average wage? honestly depends on the area. Full time starting salary anywhere from 35K (typically small hospitals) to 50+K
What is a typical shift like (what do you DO?) I do the actual testing of biological specimens - mainly blood and some urine and other body fluids. I do hematology, chemistry, and blood bank work. I pretty much never interact with the public - the work is very "behind the scenes." As in most any medical job, the work can be stressful at times - particularly in the blood bank, where sometimes someone's life depends on the speed and accuracy of your work (gunshot, car accident victims, L&D patient experiencing a bad complications etc.). It's a nice job if you don't enjoy interacting with the public :-)
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