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Is this charge fair? (dr office)

Backstory: My kids were out playing in the yard with sticks and stuff. My DS1 actually made a "bow" and arrow out of stuff he'd rigged together. It was actually pretty effective because he shot DS2 the face with said "arrow" and actually lodged a 1.5 in stick about the size and shape of a toothpick in his cheek. Dh and I weren't sure we could get it all out with normal tweezers.

I took DS2 to urgent care (it was 7pm) where we waited 2 hours before being taken back and then the dr briefly discussed taking it out surgically. We both agreed wasn't ideal or probably necessary before he removed it with a pair of clamps and massaged it out with his fingers and irrigated with saline. No stitches, no cutting, no big deal. I get the bill the other day and they've charged me $150 AFTER insurance under the notation "surgery". The office visit alone was billed at $568. I feel that's a little outrageous. Am I overreacting? Did I get charged for prep, because there wasn't any! I want to ask that they recode that and bill me properly but under what?
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