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Re: Meds?

I personally would not touch Risperdal with a ten foot pole but I have had bad experiences with it. I wouldn't let my son's doctor prescribe it to him either. We started with Abilify and it made him violent, I wasn't willing to risk his reaction to Risperdal. Did your doctor give you a diagnosis or is she just treating symptoms? I am not a fan of antipsychotics but I don't know about options at your son's age or without any knowledge of the diagnosis you're working with. I am bipolar and so is my youngest son, so far he has reacted to most meds the same way I do and is now being treated with lamictal, it is an anticonvulsant used off label as a mood stabilizer. Untreated he is aggressive, argumentative, impulsive and hyperactive. Medicated he is driven, confident, outgoing and charming.

I have found that each doctor has drug preferences. My psychiatrist has certain drugs that she prefers vs my neurologist. My neurologist won't prescribe depakote unless he has to, it is his "drug of last resort" because it almost always causes substantial weight gain and tends to lead to brain fog. My psych on the other hand will almost always prescribe it because it is effective as a mood stabilizer. She doesn't care so much about side effects. She is also pretty old school (probably because she is old) and prescribes lithium routinely. My son's doctor offers antipsychotics first before moving into mood stabilizers because that is what he feels most comfortable with prescribing to children. There is a good chance you have more choices but this is the med this particular doctor prefers to prescribe.
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