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Originally Posted by myclanof6 View Post
I think me and DH have decided that this next year for ins. we are just going to start putting that $ aside in a savings account instead of paying the premiums. We've been blessed that each member of the family only ends up seeing the Dr 1x, maybe 2x a year for sick visits. I haven't been at all this yr, ODS hasn't been, but DH and the other boys have been 1-2x each. It will be cheaper that way. DD has Medicaid so all of her meds and Dr appts are covered. It's almost pointless for an average family with no major health concerns to have insurance because it seems like you pay more for the premiums than if you paid OOP for a sick visit. Obviously a trip to the ER would be costly, but the hospital here is happy to work with cash patients and they give a really great discount if you are paying cash and set up payment arraignments.
This is what we are going to do starting next year.

We pay out the nose for our ins and we NEVER use it. It's a total joke - the worst ins. It would only really help with something like brain cancer or a horrendous accident or something. But even WITH it, we would still wind up claiming bankruptcy or making payments to the hospital b/c the decuctibles are so high and what they cover after we meet the deductible is so limited, and then they only cover 80%. So it's pretty useless.

We are keeping it just for now b/c we will hit the deductible next yr with the baby's birth, and then we will have a few medical expenses, so it will wind up helping us rather than hurting us. But overall, it's a total joke and a complete waste of money. I'm sure I'm basically just helping to pay for some big-shot insurance company mogul to drive a nice fancy car and fly in his private jet. B/c it certainly isn't helping our family any.
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