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Re: I'm so pissed

Could you teach your kids to make their own beds? So it's something you can cross off your list? Even a 3 y/o can be taught to pull their covers up.

could you make lunches the night before?

As far as dressing kids, how old are your kids? Can they do that themselves? Obviously babies can't. But maybe you could arrange for your older ones to have their outfits picked out and okay'ed with you the night before, then the next morning, they just have to get dressed.

Could you switch off with a friend taking the kids to the park in the afternoons?

Could you nix the first park visit? since DD is going in the afternoon already, does she need to go twice?

Do you have backyard? Could the kids get their outside time from going in the backyard and playing?

Just ideas to try to help.
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