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Re: Help me love this!

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
And on no garbage service, it surprised me too. And my extra barns are full of things I have no clue why they saved. Like old lawn mowers, and a mattress? Old bikes, old farm equipment that I have no idea what it is. In old runs there are old fences and metal things lined up neat and orderly, but TONS. I keep mentioning to DF to scrap it all, definitely an eye sore and probably worth quite a bit if we brought it to a scrap metal place, but it's a process.
This made me laugh... I don't know what it is with farmers either! They can not throw anything out!!! Dh is better than his dad, but he still keeps way more than I would... we have mattresses and broken chairs and whatnot in our barns too. When I first moved into this house, there was an extra oven in one of the rooms (not working) that had dishes in it... I told DH to throw it out and he got madddd... I said, "Does it work?" He said, "no". That was our first married fight. He said, "You are throwing everything I grew up with away!" haha. He now appreciates the lack of clutter, but that was a rough first month until I learned how to be sensitive to the fact that I'm changing his childhood home and to procede gently and also to respect when he needed to put stuff in a barn so he didn't have to deal with the aftermath of his dad (he got enough flack about me changing the house). Anyway, I try not to pay too much attention anymore to when DH wants to keep a zillion wires off of broken appliances and broken parts. He gets on my good side if he keeps it in his shed (and he's learning!). A few times junk has come in handy so I shouldn't complain tooooo much.
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