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I know exactly what you mean about the monthly costs, there are 6, soon to be 7 of us. DH started a new job a couple of months ago so we are all in limbo right now waiting on his company to start their enrollment in a few weeks. He has free coverage (which is nice, but they have no copays, you pay OOP until you meet the 5k deductible, then they cover 80%) but it would cost all of us $800 for halfway decent insurance! DD will have Medicaid for the rest of her life because of hearing loss (from chemo) and as long as DH is covered under his employer then I'm hoping we can fly under the radar and not have to have insurance. It's just ridiculous that we pay so much for barely anything. Like pp, it feels like we are paying for someones luxury car rather than paying for something that will benefit us.
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