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Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs
I am sorry that happened to you mama!

Honestly based on my experience, you did have a surgery. I know it doesn't sound like it should be, but the hospital bills me for a surgery every time I have my port flushed. This is essentially a blood draw only from a device that makes it EASIER to get blood! The whole "procedure" takes about as long as a standard blood draw. It stinks. I KNOW it stinks but considering that you are going to an after hours clinic and such, it actually sounds like you are getting the good end of the stick. My port flush is about $400-$600 when I don't have insurance. With insurance, it is closer to $400 because we have stinky insurance till we hit our deductible.
They charge you to flush your port? Wow I'm a phlebotomist and when someone has a port we have the nurse draw from it and they have to flush but the army charged extra, I don't even believe they are charged for the heperin or saline
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