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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

Originally Posted by Belle View Post
By that logic, no one should ever call your home without permission, even a friend! Walking into someone's house is much, much different than calling someone, IMO. I would never walk into my friend's house unannounced, but I would call them at 7:30 at night without getting permission first.
A friendship is not the same thing as a professional relationship. Furthermore, at some point in your friendship, you told you friend to call you and gave her your number. (Sure the number was probably on her phone if you called her, but you've said "Hey, call me tomorrow," right? That's permission.) If the OP were my friend, I wouldn't call her at 7:30 because I'd know that this is kiddie time. Sort of how I told my mom that if she wants grandchildren she really needs to quit calling after 9 pm.

I posted to the OP that I completely get being annoyed, I just don't think that what happened makes the parent a stalker who violated her. Like I said, if I was dealing with 250 students and associated parents, there's bound to be one or two in the bunch that have poor social skills or lack of boundaries. What do you do if you're working with that many people with faults and foibles all day, every day? I would be surprised, honestly, that I didn't get more weirdness invading my personal life on a more consistent basis!
Straw that breaks tha camel's back. Plus, the OP described one of the no doubt thousands of incidents of parents and students behaving inappropriately.
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