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Originally Posted by BabySnickerdoodles
Note: I DO still do the traditional wash/lanolizing on wool that is feeling not-so-soft after the felting process...but if you are talking about knits, crochet, or interlock, I see no reason why a spray lanolizing wouldn't work. Its worth a try anyway!

I got a tub of lanolin from Crow Mountain Crafts, and then a bag of her wool wash bits...but I'm sure you could work with what you have....just don't only use the wool wash bits, that won't be enough lanolin to sufficiently lanolize. You need that solid lanolin in there, and you need it to get VERY melted, and broken down by the soap in the wool wash bits....its really stinkin' amazing! Like I said, worth a try
So if I understand well, the thing is that the wool wash helps the solid lanolin to melt well? Would it actually melt better than just heating the lansinoh in water? So I would still use lansinoh tube and I would get a wool wash bar to use with it?
Thank you, you help a lot!
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