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Re: Pumps covered under Obamacare

Too bad this new bit "healthcare reform" didn't kick in earlier this year when I *had* to get a pump. My baby will be one year in February :-) and hubby is already asking for a boy in 2014 LOL So I hope the breastpump coverage will still be in effect then!

I work in a student health center at a local university. I have a private office/workstation which I was told I can pump in, but I see sick students a lot so I pump in another room where we do ear lavages (irrigation). We only do those few times each week so I can easily check the schedule to make sure the room is available when I need it. It has a sink and lots of counterspace. I clean the counter thoroughly and set up my pump at one end for the day. When I pump I just put a "Privacy Please" sign on the door. I even bring in a comfy chair to sit in while I pump. The other nurses and a couple doctors know what I am doing in there. One doctor found out inadvertently 'cause I absent-mindedly left my keys in the door! He knocked and then entered the door (eventhough I had my "Privacy" sign up)....I was wearing a cover and when he realized what I was doing he immediately dropped the keys on the counter and left LOL. I think he was more embarrassed than I was! He avoided me all day and then came to my office to apologize at the end of the shift. His wife just had a baby, too so I wasn't really worried 'cause I am sure he has seen all of it before LOL
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