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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

hah, I miss them when they grow so fast. Within weeks they are little teens, lol. I'd be happy to send you some hun. HOPE to have a mating male at that time. I think my hen that keeps giving me the blues is older? I'm not sure. I have only had one blue make it. I had one hatch with this batch, PERFECT baby! Perfect. I must have failed at day 20. (((((( The other turned out to be a mottles, then that one super cutie passed at like 24 hrs?, the one I have left doesn't have the goot true to cochin look. Not good feathering on the middle toe, stance, ect. It may grow into it. It's a sweetie. A keeper regardless. I'm pretty sure it's a hen, I need a cockeral to get a higher rate of blues. I don't want to chance hatching eggs from older hens because of fail. It's sad. I also have a girl in Australia tradeing me next spring and I just can't be ok it giving her eggs that may give her a higer fail rate. She has buff cochins!!! I'd love a cpl. I adore the buffs. So lovely. I think I'm slowly gonna get to where I wanted to be to start with, lol. That is breed wise. I like the friendlier chickens, kwim. We do have to have a good dual purpose though as we really have to have them for food. I am happy I had such a good hatch rate this batch. This was all cochin eggs. I only lost the blue out of this batch. I'm having trouble keeping up with who's who's eggs and who's fail, ect. So many are having identical eggs. I posted this issue on a genetics fb site and a breeder told me to get food coloring up to a week before collecting eggs. Take a pipette and insert some. Then I can collect the correct eggs. If I'm gonna be trading, I have to do the best I can. I sound silly right, lol.
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