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Re: best time for anatomy scan

Mine insisted at 20 weeks. I tried to move it to 21 weeks to accomodate my schedule, but they were insistent, so I just moved other things around.

My understanding is that doctors generally prefer to do it before 23weeks so that the mother can choose to abort if something unwanted is discovered. There was a thread I read the other day about a doctor who only did them at 24 weeks because he was anti-abortion. but, I think the laws may vary by state.

I would think that some doctors might consent to doing them earlier (like 17 weeks) because some parents get really insistent on finding out the gender as early as possible. If your doctor won't do it earlier, they go and pay for their own scans and perhaps that causes problems, so perhaps some doctors circumvent that by having early scans.

Aside from the abortion issue, you don't want to get your ultrasound too late because chubby babyness supposedly makes some measurements harder to do.
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