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Most of my adult life I didn't have insurance and it was fine. I rarely get sick, and just deal on my own when I do get a cold.

But this year and last year we've had insurance and I'm not overly impressed. We're paying close to $5,000 for the year so that we can pay thousands more in deductibles before insurance kicks in? LAME! I've spent more on health costs in the last 2 years than my entire life. While I'm thankful to be healthy, the logical and numbers side of me feels like I'm wasting money.

Besides 2 pregnancies, I haven't had any medical costs. Even when I broke my toe last summer, I didn't go in because there's nothing they can do anyways. I wish insurance was more affordable for people that avoid going to the doctor. I wish insurance wasn't set up so someone isn't making a profit.
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