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Re: Spoiled kids of the 80s?

kids of the 80s? like me?

um.. no.. not spoiled.

Originally Posted by misskira View Post
Some are spoiled in every generation. Dh's grandpa is 73 and absolutely was spoiled rotten as a child.

I think "my generation" isnt so much spoiled as used to instant gratification. Things move so quickly and have our whole lives with tv, video games, Internet, cell phones, etc. we don't generally have to wait very long for things, so we expect is ASAP. Which can make us seem entitled and spoiled.

Many of my friends feel like the deserve to have everything their parents have worked 30 or 40 years for, now. New car, new and large houses, best cell phone/cable/entertainment, vacations, meals out, etc. Dh and I have worked hard at changing our own thing from want, want want, to being content with our current blessings. Neither of us were given much as kids so it's easier for us then some of our friends.

Eta: I had no cabbage patch doll. the girl down the block had one to play with and 3 nib on the shelf. Maybe that's why I'm a socialist?
but we didn't have any of those things in the 80's. No cell phones, no home computers... the first atari might have been out and the first nintendo in 1985... but I know we didn't afford one until way after then. shoot.. even microwaves weren't in every household in the 80's.

no, if we're talking about a generation that is used to instant gratification, we certainly aren't talking about the 80's.
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