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Re: I'm so pissed

Count me in the camp that not even a SAHM should be considered by someone OTHER than HERSELF as the primary house cleaner. That would not fly with me personally. If someone likes taking on that role for themselves (like my cousin who I revere as a SAHM and who I have mentioned before I think), then it is really good for them. For me, it is a living hell to clean the house. I can do it so well (I had cleaning jobs as a young person) but I feel my time is better spent on other things.

ETA: I also think you need a convo with your husband about what he considers a clean house. And, if the dishes are little enough, can you do it only once a day? I wash by hand too and sometimes I only get a sink full of dishes once a day (I cook from scratch too - but make a lot of one pot type foods).
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