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Re: Tell Me About Doulas

My doula does not offer medical advice. She does offer physical and mental support which is invaluable! She provides counter pressure, yes (wonderful!). It's nice to have someone switch out with hubby. Hands get sore! She is adept at reading laboring women- she knew I was getting pushy before I did. She offers options I would never think of (or might not think of while in labor). She is a strong support for my husband. He requested that we have one again with our second, even before I did because he is free to help me and my doula helps suggest things and gives him things to do. With her there, he feels more comfortable. She is there to help explain the pros and cons of procedures that might be needed and an extra voice to reiterate and explain what the nurses might tell me. I've had very supportive nurses ALWAYS. They work really well with my doula. Oh! With my first, when I was feeling pushy, my doula requested the nurse check me (I wanted this). The nurse didn't want to- I'd only been there about 1.5 hours. I labored a long time at home. I was a 4 when I checked in. The nurse didn't really think I'd be making any good progress (not there long and a first-time mom). The doula was able to tell her she was seeing X,Y, and Z from me and reiterated that I had requested it. The nurse consented. I was a 7(and 8 during contractions).
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